Smartphone using in loo may give Piles

Confess it or not but most of the people are using their cellphones to the loo. Either to check the mail or scroll the social media handles or playing games […]

Painful insulin jab may be replaced by capsule

So many drugs, especially those made of proteins, cannot be taken orally because they are broken down in the gastrointestinal tract before they can take effect. Scientists have designed an […]

The Dangers of Vaping

Just in case the six deaths and 380 reported cases of severe lung disease aren’t motivation enough to put down the JUUL  In early September, the Centers for Disease Control and […]

Dengue virus becoming resistant to vaccines

The mosquito-borne deadly dengue virus that infects about 400 million people globally every year – especially in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world – is undergoing changes that […]

Control hypertension to stop your heart suffering

An ideal blood pressure would remain between 90/60mmHG and 120/80mmHG; anything above 140/90mmHg is high blood pressure. There are conditions where your heart suffers an attack and yet can remain […]

Home remedies to remove blemishes

Blemishes on the skin due to exposure to the sun is a common problem for people with sensitive skin. However, there are home remedies that you can help you address […]