Right diet to prevent stomach ulcers for ever


Stomach ulcers can be avoided you don’t want to lose your stomach lining. It takes an average of three days for it to form again – and this is in the easiest case scenario. Proper care and diet should be followed to prevent stomach ulcers.

Imagine ulcers in the stomach – a painful experience that only surfaces under serious duress. In fact stomach ulcers can exist for years before your body finally succumbs to extreme symptoms such as sharp aches, bloating, vomiting blood, nausea, melena and weight loss.

Most often, stomach ulcers lie undetected – waiting for that trigger that finally creates the drastic need to be hospitalised.

For this reason, you need to keep a close watch on what you choose to eat as it affects your stomach. This includes spicy curries, oily appetizers and reckless consumption of concoction of extremely acidic and alcoholic foods. A lifetime’s indulgence can often result in stomach ulcers. Dieticians, helps you plan your diet to cope with stomach ulcers and how to prevent it. “Patients with stomach ulcers should take soft diet without spices low fat stuff.”

open-uri20120815-17808-1lrped0Follow this diet if you have stomach ulcers; this also applies if you feasted on a spread of greasy chicken tandoori and kebabs. “These patients should avoid spices and condiments, high fibre stuff, oily foods and pickles,” warns Dieticians.

“Post treatment, the patients should take low fat soft diet and then gradually switch on to normal but low fibre non spicy food and also should restrict extra milk and milk extracts,” it informed. Ulcers are painful; remember mouth ulcers? You can’t eat and discomfort can give you sleepless nights.

A word of caution, for those who take repose in medication, drugs like painkillers can also cause stomach ulcers. So medicines are potent and strong, this has a negative impact on the stomach lining. Causing stomach ulcers and digestive problems. Therefore, it is important to cut down on the use of medication whenever possible.

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