Foods that can cause problem in diabetes


Diet is an important component to maintain a good blood sugar level. If you have diabetes, it essential to stay away from foods that can cause a spike in the blood sugar or increase the risk of diabetic complications. Below we list the foods Diabetics should undoubtedly stay away from.

Refined foods 

Refined foods
Refined foods such as white bread, refined wheat flour, white rice etc. lead to sudden increase in blood sugar levels as they contain refined starch. Alternatively, you can go for Brown rice, Whole grains and brown bread.

Whole milk

Whole MilkDairy products like whole milk are replete with saturated fats that make things worse for diabetics and hence, should be avoided. These saturated fats also increase bad cholesterol levels and put your heart at risk. Also, add butter, full-fat curd, ghee and cheese on your list of “to-avoid” foods. Instead, go for skimmed milk, toned and double-toned milk, butter milk.

Deep-fried foods 

Deep-fried foodsDeep-fried foods such as Chips, French fries, Pakodas, Papads and the like also add to bad cholesterol levels. These starch and trans-fat rich oily foods are also the culprits behind weight gain. Obesity is said to be the primary cause of Diabetes. Instead, go for baked foods.

Soft drinks, energy drinks 

Soft drinkThe sugar content in fizzy drinks is too high. A regular can of Coca-Cola is found to contain around 6-7 teaspoons of sugar. Refined sugar, as explained above, not only causes an upsurge in blood sugar levels but also leads to obesity. Increased weight also increases risk of heart diseases.

Fruit juices 

Fruit juicesFruit juices are full of fruit sugar which shoots up the blood glucose levels. Whole fruits have less sugar, fewer calories and more fibre, making them a healthier option for people with diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners 

Artificial sweetenersArtificial sweeteners such as those containing Aspartame do more harm than good. It hampers the body metabolism and further increases the sugar cravings. Try to stay away from theses, instead opt for natural sweeteners such as Stevia.

Red meat

Red meatRed Meat contains unsaturated fats that cause inflammation and increase risk to heart. As an alternative, go for white meat and chicken.

You can keep your Diabetes under control by following a healthy diet and avoiding such bad foods that can worsen the disease. Always consult your physician about good and bad foods for Diabetes and follow their advice religiously to keep your Diabetes under check.

Now that you know what to avoid in your diet, you can makes your meals healthy. Diabetics are advised to follow a diet regimen.

5 popular diabetes myths ruined

Little knowledge, as they say, is a dangerous thing especially when it’s about a disease. Here is debunking some major myths regarding Diabetes.
Myth: Intake of too much sugar causes Diabetes. 
Fact: Including too much sugar in your diet does not cause Diabetes. The cause of Type 1 Diabetes is not certain but researchers say that environmental and genetic factors could be the factors behind it. Obesity, age (cases are more in age group of 40years or above) and having a family history of Diabetes are the risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes. Excess of sugar-foods leads to obesity and being overweight can cause Type 2 Diabetes. In that case, all foods that add to the fat in your body make your body susceptible to Diabetes.
Myth: Diabetes is communicable. 
Fact: Diabetes is not a communicable disease. There is no way you can catch Diabetes like you catch common-cold or flu. The only way a person could be linked to your Diabetic cause is through a genetic or inheritance link.
Myth: Diabetic people can never eat sweets. 
Fact: Diabetic patients need to keep a watch on your diet as their body finds problem in absorbing glucose. They can eat sweets but in balanced proportions.
Small portions of sweets coupled with a healthy diet and exercise works perfectly fine.
Myth: You can tell when your blood sugar levels escalate.
Fact: When the increase in blood sugar levels is high, there are visible symptoms like increased thirst or hunger, weight loss, fatigue etc. However, with mild escalation in blood sugar levels, it’s difficult to tell. The symptoms become difficult to trace specially in the initial stage of the disease. So, instead of judging the condition by your own analysis, go for regular blood sugar level checks.
Myth: Diabetic people should not exercise much. 
Fact: Physical exercise is good for Diabetics. Exercise helps burn the extra fat, reduces stress levels and helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. A good fitness regime helps you keep a healthy body, mind and heart. Uncontrolled disease may put your heart, nervous and immune system to risk, regular exercising helps you fight all these odds.

Facts you possibly didn’t know about blood sugar

Diabetics are tired of strict diet, finger pricks and calorie count. For them, the most important thing is to understand how to manage diabetes and prevent its complications. Inspite of its awareness all around, it has highest death rate due to serious complications. Here are some interesting facts which you should be aware of while coping with diabetes.
 High blood sugar can damage your heart
High blood sugarHigh blood sugar level damages the cells lining the blood vessels which impair blood flow. When the coronary arteries are affected, it may cause heart attack.
In diabetes, the symptoms of heart attack are often absent. So, it is important that they get themselves checked regularly. Manage your blood sugar level by adopting healthy lifestyle and low calorie food which can reduce the risk for heart related complications.

 Diabetes could be the major risk factor for kidney failure 
kidney failure
One of the major causes for kidney failure is diabetes. The earliest signs for kidney damage will be the excretion of albumin in the urine which can be confirmed by simple urine test. High levels of blood sugar damage the kidney’s filtering units. Periodic checkups are very important to prevent kidney failure.

Diabetes and eye complications 
slide_eng5Increased blood sugar level changes the shape of the lens which impairs the ability to see. High sugar can lead to blurred vision. Major eye problems that a diabetic may develop are glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is the result of damage to small retinal vessels and may cause blindness. Diabetic patients should get regular eye examinations which can prevent complications.

Healthy lifestyle can knock out diabetes 
shifa (1)Poor diet with little physical activity can lead to excessive weight gain. Increased calorie intake will increase diabetes risk whereas consumption of fiber and polyunsaturated fats will decrease the risk. Overweight and obesity are the main reasons for insulin resistance so; losing weight could be a helpful measure in bringing down the increased levels of blood sugar. Always opt for brown rice, whole grain breads and low fat dairy products. Adopt healthy life style to knock out diabetes.

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