3 exercise habits harming your skin!

Skin Care

While you are working hard to have a healthy body, you might be missing just a few tricks in between your workouts that might be hampering your skin. Here are a few of those:  

take exerWear sweaty clothes for long Continue to wearing sweaty clothes after a hardcore workout at the gym or a game with your sports club buddies might actually lead to bacterial infection. The best way of avoiding such unwanted infections is to have a bath at the gym and slip into new pair of fresh clothes.

Too hot a shower While it is really refreshing to have a hot water bath right after a workout or a tight game, make sure your water is not too hot. This might make your skin dry and lead to discomfort. Have bath is medium hot water and use softer washing agents.

Swim instead of bathing Often people take a swim after full body exercise or a sports match thinking that might ease out the tiredness and the sweat and dirt you might have accumulated during the workout. But that is not equivalent to a bath. The chlorine in the pool water might be bad for your skin, which when not taken a proper bath will remain on your skin for a long time.

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