Wearing the wrong bra size?


Finding the perfect bra can be about as easy for women as it is for men to undo one. Millions of women are risking aches, pains and saggy boobs. A woman’s boobs change size six times throughout her life and it’s common to find the same girl coming up a different size in each store or label. That confusion can mean accurately estimating your own size is almost impossible. Some women use fitting room trial and error to get a look they like, while others book an appointment for a proper fitting from an expert. But despite the amount of options on offer, a staggering amount of women still wear the wrong size bra every day— and it could be doing you damage. To help women everywhere, we’ve taken a look at some stats to show estimation is no replacement for an accurate bra fitting…

Style more important than size

Two-thirds of women wear the wrong bra size, a recent poll found. And of those, almost a third purchased their bra knowing it wasn’t the right fit. A smaller cup size with an over-sized back size is the most common combination of errors according to a survey.

BraWhen you are born determines your size

As unbelievable as it may sound, but your birth month also influences your boob size. For instance, those with birthdays in January, February and March are more likely to have bigger boobs — with an E cup average. But if you’re born in April, that figure drops down to a B cup. Ds and DDs are the average for those born in June, July and November, while the rest of the months average a C.

Coffee can affect your size

Your choice of cuppa also apparently plays a part. Drinking coffee can actually make your boobs smaller, a study found. Just three a day is enough to make a difference. They reckon half of women have a specific gene, which links the two.

Health Issues

Women wearing the wrong size bra are risking nerve damage, poor posture and pains in their neck, shoulder and back and saggy boobs.

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