How we deal with body pain and aches?


How to ease body aches and pains? You can experience body pain at home with the wrong pillow, or in office, your chair could be the culprit behind back and neck pain. Then there are some body pains you should not ignore. We go through this intense list of ‘body in pain’ and find the solution to body aches.

Pain-1Neck and shoulder pain

Let’s face the truth, most of us spend hours before the monitor, and if you do not sit upright or your seat is uncomfortable, you will feel severe pain in the neck, shoulder and back. Don’t just sit on it or apply endless amounts of over-the-counter creams, as this will only offer temporary relief. What you really need to do is straighten up and work on your back, shoulder and neck stability.

Activities like dancing, preferably ballroom dances like salsa, and weight training build balance and stability, and stamina. This helps align your posture better. Exercises to strengthen your neck, back, core and shoulders are crucial.

chest-painChest pain

Are you suffering from chest pain? It could well be a heart related problem or acidity. When your stomach produces more gas and acidity than it can handle, it travels to your chest, giving you a burning sensation. In severe cases, acidity can cause heartburn, headache, and severe stomach ache.

The best way to reduce acidity and chest pain is to change your diet and start exercising. Avoid spicy and oily food, excess alcohol and smoke and stay off junk food.

Back painBack pain

Don’t neglect back pain, you don’t want more trouble. Strength and conditioning coach, Arnav Sarkar says, “The first thing to do is consult a specialist and he will guide you on the appropriate exercises. When someone has back pain, they must first consult their doctor to know which exercises are completely off limits and which are the ones that they can follow. In general, there are some exercises that should be best avoided for those with back pain. These would include situps, lying leg raises, standing toe touches, long distance jogging, etc.”

Hip painHip pain

Does your hip feel tight? Don’t worry, exercise and nutrition has an answer for that as well. Hip pain is usually associated with weak lower body muscles, specifically those of the glutes region. As these muscles are seldom used, since they only strain when we bend at extreme angles, the lower core and upper leg/hip region is highly susceptible to pulls, pain and overall aches. This pain mostly begins when we lift something in an awkward position, bend too much, or fall (as in the case of older people).

Therefore, exercise is a great solution to maintain strength and flexibility in the hip region. For this, you will need to tell your trainer that you want to deal with hip pain so that he/she can prescribe exercises that help strengthen your hips and lower back.

Heel pain

Heel painWe use our heel more often than we know as each step lands on our heels. Heels can hurt with high heel shoes too. Without the heel we are immobile. Heel pain is worse if you are diabetic. Surgery is the last resort for those who didn’t read all the warning signs; all you need is exercise, passive stretching of the heel, hot and cold fermentation of the foot, wearing silicon heel pads if needed, and anti-inflammatory drugs such as Diclofenac or Etoricoxib.

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