Combat dehydration with flavoured water


We think few glasses of water can be substituted with coffee, tea, milk or other beverages? But experts suggests, coffee, tea, milk or other beverages that all kinds of drinks and fluids do the job of hydrating our body to some extent, but there are some that could work otherwise, due to the components they have. We need to choose hydrating fluids that are not just healthy and low in calories, but are also full of flavours which prompt us to reach out for them throughout the day.

Water: Pure water is one of the best hydrants. But since it is tasteless, adding flavour might compel you to reach out for it frequently.

Flavoured water: This is great for replenishing your dehydrated body during hot summer months. Flavoured water helps to refresh and revitalise you, thanks to the fresh herbs and fruit pieces they are infused with.

Iced teaIced tea: You could try sipping on herbal iced teas made with pre-flavoured water. Herbs and flavours like mint, chamomile, cardamom, jasmine, verbena etc., can add a pleasant aroma and make the drink a refreshing one.

Fresh juices: Juices of fresh fruits and vegetables have a host of nutritional benefits but they have unwanted calories and high concentration of sugars too. So, if you want to avoid calories, opt for fruit waters with minimal calorific value.

drinksCaffeinated drinks: If you have coffee, tea, and drinks that have caffeine frequently during the day, it increases your toxin content. So you must have ample water along with these drinks to eliminate the toxins through urination and perspiration.

Herbs, fruit flavour and juice infused H2O is one of the best bets when it comes to quenching your thirst.

Do It Yourself

-You will need filtered pure water Herbs that complement your chosen fruits

-For maximum flavour and sweetness pick the best quality, ripe fruits n You will need pitchers or large glasses to steep fruits Wooden spoon to mash and mix fruits and herbs in your pitcher n Place chosen ingredients in a pitcher and mash them very lightly with a wooden spoon. n Top with water and let it stand for a few hours before serving.

-Use sliced lime, mint leaves, two drops of ginger juice and lemon juice

-Strawberry slices, mint leaves, and a few drops of lemon juice

-Sliced cucumber, lemon, lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon powder

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