Watching TV can double the risk of mortality

Are you wanted to spend more time watching television? If so, then increase your physical fitness level and grip strength, else the screen times can double the risk of mortality, cardiovascular […]

Female smokers brain bleed risk is higher

Women indulging in smoking are more at risk of developing bleeding inside the lining of the brain, also known as subarachnoid hemorrhage, a study has warned. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is a […]

Eating curd daily to lower breast cancer risk

Intake of probiotics may help increase the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the breast and thus aid in preventing the risk of breast cancer. The findings showed that Lactobacillus and […]

Pet dogs reduce risk of asthma in kids

If you are asthmatic and love dogs, this could be the best news you’ve heard today. Young kids with a pet dog are less likely to develop asthma, new study […]

Heartburn drugs tied to higher kidney disease risk

But studies weren’t designed to prove proton pump inhibitors are responsible for the increase   A common type of heartburn medication called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) seem to be linked with […]